U. V. Coatings

Coatings That Work.

Shree Coatings is a coatings company dedicated to providing high-quality, durable coatings that will enhance the beauty of any property. Our coatings can be used on just about any surface. With over two decades of experience and a wide range of products, we are the only company you will need for your coating needs. U. V. Coatings are available for various surfaces and are a great way to safeguard your investments. With our clear coatings, you can guard against sun and water damage while also boosting the lifespan of your furnishings.
Our services are entirely dedicated to our customers, and we put quality, innovation, and creativity at your disposal.

Shree Coatings

Shree Coatings for the Best Industrial Paint Protection.

Shree Coatings is a leading manufacturer of coatings in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Coatings are the protective layers that are used on concrete, metal and other surfaces to improve their durability and appearance. Shree Coatings offers a complete solution to any industry with its wide variety of products that are the best in the industry. Construction of industrial or commercial buildings requires good finishing, which is what Shree Coatings provides. Over the years, Shree Coatings has specialized in Wood Coatings, contributing to furnishing our client’s spaces. To move past the conventional form of coatings, and come up with newer effects & trendy colors, is something we take pride in as we deliver.

Revolution in Technology

Our innovative and diverse products can help the manufacturer realize the competitive markets.

Better Finishes:

  • Matt
  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Texture Etc.

Improved Performance:

  • Scratch less
  • Adhesion
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Extra Hardness


  • PVD Coating
  • Marvelous Feeling
  • Diamond Shine
  • Silky Touch & more Slips